Welcome to Eat Workout Succeed…

This is my little space to share with you my love of food (not always healthy i may add), my mission in turning myself into a fitness model (something i have been trying all my life… i honestly think i wasn’t born with abs as i have NEVER seen them) and my transition to full time mom! The reason my blog is called ‘Eat Workout Succeed’ is because i have tried every diet under the sun and the only thing that has worked is healthy eating and exercise… it’s the only way i am going to succeed with my goals.

I have had a few blogs in the past which have all focused on one thing in particular, whether it be food or fitness but now i am a mommy (my son Rowan was born in October 2011) i have lots of other things i want to talk about and often want change, so this blog is going to have a good mix of all of the above.

So a little bit about me…

My name is Amy. I’m 31 years old and live in East Devon, UK with my husband, Ollie, my gorgeous son, Rowan and our fur cat baby Foxy. I try to eat as healthy as i can but like the odd treat, i never restrict myself but try to be sensible. Since having Rowan, i am a little wobbly around the edges so i’m currently on a mission to fix that! I used to run a bit and somehow managed to train for 2 half marathons in 2009 & 2010 after never running in my whole life! I have to add i hate running but i do it because it is good for me! I plan to run my 3rd half marathon next year (2013) but need to build up slowly as i have sustained an injury from when i was carrying Rowan last year.

I am currently on maternity leave and I’m loving every single minute of it! Who knew being a mom would be the most amazing, awarding thing i would ever do?! The down side is the lack of income, but myself and the husband have always been careful with money and within this blog i plan to share with you how i cut costs and budget.

I really hope you enjoy this little snippet of my life. If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to email me at eatworkoutsucceed@yahoo.co.uk

Amy x


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