Getting to grips…

So this week i’ve spent most of my week with my head in this…

I basically have a list of free foods which include fruits, veggies, meat, fish, eggs, quorn etc… I have to fill myself up on as much as the free foods as i can.

My only problem is i love cheese and bread! But this is not so much of a problem as the lovely people at Slimming World offer healthy extras, i get an a) option which is a choice of either milk or cheese and a b) option which is a choice of bread, cereal or nuts – how nice!

Everything else that doesn’t fit into these 2 categories are a SYN (boo! Syns are bad!! Well if you eat more than 15 in a day they are!)

So here is what today looks like for me on Slimming World.

Breakfast: was a completely free meal, i had a mullerlight vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, with banana, Clementine and grape all mixed together. It was delicious and i shall be having this again… most likely tomorrow morning. I washed the lot down with a Twinnings Morning Detox tea.


Lunch/Dinner: I love the idea of a Sunday traditional roast but am still feeling a bit iffy about eating meat (however you will notice that i am back on the eggs and dairy). So today i made a kind-of-ish Sunday roast. I now use a smaller dinner plate as my previous one was huge and i had a tendency to overfill it, i sometimes think my dinner won’t fill me up when i dish up Ollie’s man size portion on said huge plate, but i always feel fine and full after. I roasted Ollie’s veg as normal in olive oil but i roasted mine seperately with spray oil as this is counted as free, with no syns! I had roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips & courgette, with peas and sweetcorn. Instead of meat i had a Tesco meat free mexican burger, it was quite spicy which i like but i plan to have a go at making my own version soon, as this set me back 5.5 syns and i know that i could make it a free meal if i made it myself.



I have also snacked on a Muller light toffee yogurt which was free – my a) choice [calcium] was skimmed milk, which i have had in my decaf tea/coffee today and my b) choice [fibre] has been 20 almonds, which i consumed whilst putting this post together!

It’s 9pm so i’m going to venture up to bed, i have got a few books out from the library so plan to start one of them tonight and I’ve also purchased a lovely page a day diary which i’ll show you all tomorrow – i want to write my first entry in it tonight. Night All x


One thought on “Getting to grips…

  1. Good luck with it- one of my friends has lost quite a lot of weight doing slimming world- I never liked the idea that they called things “syns” though (for a while I didn’t know the spelling)- I think it is not a good idea to have “good” and “bad” foods. But I can see the merits of getting into a routine with meals.

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