It’s A SYN!!!!!

**Apologies for wordy post… I will write a proper post later this evening!**

Sorry for disappearing but i am hopefully back!! Last week i was having my detox week, so i excluded meat, wheat and dairy from my diet as much as i could… in my naivety i didn’t realise Quorn had egg in it duh! And i also had egg on my meal out in Dawlish last week. The rest of the week i followed a vegan diet.

The reason for the kick start? To kickstart my weightloss, did it work… nope i don’t think so! The other reason i wanted to elliminate some foods was because i was having some very painful tummy aches so i wanted to see if my diet was the cause… it just so happens that food wasn’t the cause, but i did get to the bottom of it (literally) on Sunday on what the problem was. Without going into too much detail, when i left my job after maternity leave it was because they had made it impossible for me to go back. I was going to take it further and have been speaking to solicitors, citizens advice etc and if i want to take it to tribunal i would have to represent myself. The deadline to do this is coming up and i think even though i have felt ok about it all my body has been trying to tell me something different. On Saturday night i had the most horrid IBS reaction, which continued all day Sunday. Sorry if tmi but i could not be more than a couple of steps from the toilet… this is when i knew enough was enough. I have decided to omit this stress from my life and just drop the whole issue. I know it will be at my loss and someone else may get treated the same but i just can’t put myself through a tribunal that could last 6-8 months.

After making this decision, i really have felt a weight lift off my shoulders and feel that i can concentrate on more important things, like my healthy eating and exercise.

My MIL was brilliant on Monday, she watched Rowan so i could remain in bed and recuperate, she also knows that i would like to join a slimming club but the pennies are a bit tight so she offered to pay my joining and 6 weeks for Slimming World!!! So last night i went to my first meeting, my head is swimming with how the plan works as i have only ever done weight watchers in the past. The plan seems a lot simpler than WW and the food looks more suitable for me to make for Rowan and Ollie to eat also… the proof will be in the pudding next week when i step on those scales!! I must remember a tablespoon of Peanut Butter is 4.5 Syns!!! (but i am allowed 5-15 syns a day)… Wish me luck!!!


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