Can you overdose on soup?

Because i have been slurping eating quite a bit over the last 2 days!

Breakfast has been the usual porridge with raisins and dried cranberries for the past 2 days – my new fave combo,

then yesterday i decided to make something with this…

Can you guess what it is yet???? You’ll see what it is later!

I’ve been snacking on my vegan sausage rolls, they are so delicious!

And wholenut PB spread on rice cakes,

So back to that strange thing in the saucepan earlier… it’s just frozen roasted butternut squash! I melted it down with vegetable stock, added a tsp of chilli and coconut milk, blended it all together to make the most wonderful tasting soup! i added toasted bread as croutons. In fact i made so much soup that i have had it for lunch today and also had a small bowl before dinner tonight!! Thankfully it has now all gone until next time!


For dinner tonight i made Quesadilla.

My tortilla were almost dry fried with only a couple sprays of sunflower oil, inside contains Quorn chicken pieces, onion, red/yellow peppers, salsa and hummus, on the side are homemade curly sweet potato fries.

I have also started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, i’ve dusted off my workout equipment once more!


The only problem i have is i am doing the 30 day shred from the videos posted on Youtube until my own DVD’s arrive, unfortunately they don’t play fast enough on my computer so i have been following off my phone! Magnifying glass anyone?


My DVD’s are set to arrive tomorrow from Amazon, i decided to buy the whole Jillian Michaels collection, she is going to kick my butt! She will be happy to know that for my dessert tonight i made myself an orange, pineapple and strawberry smoothie… it was sweet and delicious!

So keep this to yourselves, i’m going to have a square of this tonight – shhhh don’t tell Jillian!

Time for bed, i popped to the library yesterday and got a selection of books to read – nighty night!


3 thoughts on “Can you overdose on soup?

  1. I have now ordered Shred 🙂 i think i will do it after Hip Hop Abs but before Insanity – will see how I get on! How do you make curly sweet potato fries, i’m intrigued?? Well done keeping up the Vegan diet, you are much braver than me, I couldn’t live without milk and chicken I use them so much. You make such a wide variety of foods, i’m not sure if i don’t have the patience or the creativity to do what you do – maybe its something i should try to develop – a creative eye for food 🙂

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