Bubble & Squeak!


I started today with porridge again but opted for raisins and dried cranberries for flavour – think you’ll be seeing porridge on my blog quite a bit as i am finding it so filling which stops me from wanting to snack! I also had a decaf coffee made with almond milk, that’s why it looks so strong.

I needed all the energy i could get as we decided to meet with the in laws and go for a 5 mile walk between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. We were going to head up to Dartmoor but the weather was a bit miserable and foggy so thought the sea coast walk would be better. So on went our rain macs and off we walked!

We walked along the lower path first, it was like an episode of Total Wipeout as we had to time it right between the waves crashing in at certain spots or there was a good chance we were going to get a bit wet!


We then headed up to higher path which was a lot drier… but high… very high… and no barrier YIKES!

Not only was it a sheer drop into the sea but on our other side was a teeny tiny wall and then a busy railway line… health and safety people come on?!!!!

We made it to Dawlish Warren, it was drizzling but so good to be outside in the sea air.

After our walk, my father in law treated us to lunch as we had all walked up an appetite. We headed for the Smugglers Inn, we had all heard good reviews of the place but none of us had been.


Although the weather was still grey, look at the cracking view!


Ollie and the in-laws went for the carvery, as i am currently trying to avoid meat and dairy i was hoping that they would have something i could have on the main menu…. and they didn’t disappoint! They had some lovely vegetarian meal options, i went for the bubble and squeak, fried flat mushroom and grilled tomato… i was really naughty as i should have said no to the poached eggs… but i didn’t… and i ate them!! All washed down with a sparkling water.

A nice lady took a group photo of us all after the meal… look how worried Rowan looks!

DSCF0701 DSCF0699 

We got home, chilled out for a bit, i sorted out our car insurance renewal whilst the boys played like crazy things! I love hearing them playing and laughing together. Once we put Rowan in bed i was ready for another bite to eat, so went for a veggie burger (which contains egg – whoops) on a granary roll with Cheezly mozzarella, lettuce and ketchup and carrots with hummus.


Considering the cheese is not cheese and is vegan, i probably would not have noticed the difference! I tried a little bit out of the packet and thought the consistency was a bit yuck if i’m honest but melted on a burger, delicious! The veggie burgers were Morrison’s own make, they had a lovely taste and consistency, just as nice as the Quorn brand.


I also made some veggie… well vegan actually sausage rolls for Ollie’s lunch this week, of course i had to try one and they are soooooo good! I mixed up a box of this;

Granose Meat-Free Lincolnshire Sausage Mix 150g (2x75g)

Rolled it into 2 large sausages and wrapped it in this;

Light Puff Ready Rolled

I sliced the pastry in half long ways and made 16 sausage rolls. If you like tasty savoury snacks in your lunch box but don’t want all the fat, these would be ideal. Ollie was very impressed with my culinary skills! LOL!


It’s 12:15am, i need to get some shut eye… 30 day shred starts tomorrow!!! arghhhh!


6 thoughts on “Bubble & Squeak!

  1. You know I’ve never ever tried porridge!

    That walk looks so scary – yikes!
    Jillian Michaels dvds are amazing – I 6 week/6pack – I hear amazing things about the Shred. good luck!

    • WHAAAATTT??? You have never had porridge? LOL!

      I’m aching today and that was because i did day 1 of the shred yesterday… i think it is going to kill me!!

      Glad to hear the 6 week/6pack is good as i have ordered the Jillian Michaels collection off Amazon and that workout is included – yay!

  2. Looks like you’re doing really well, well done!

    Have you tried the idea of whipping banana into your oats? I was pondering but i don’t like banana so want someone to try it first 🙂

    • I haven’t tried whipping the banana, but i have seen on some blogs that people whip the banana and then put it in the freezer – you end up with a very healthy kind of ice cream! If i try it i’ll let you know how it tastes 🙂

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