Day One.

Today i made only good decisions when it came to food, today is day one of healthy, kind eating. What scared me the most was how much recently i have been eating things for the sake of eating, not thinking about what is in the food i am eating or the impact it may have on my body. Many times today i almost snacked on anything in front of me with out a second thought, i had to keep reminding myself that i have planned my meals and any snacks that are not on the plan or are non-vegan are not permitted for the next 7 days!

For breakfast i made porridge (2/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup oat bran) with almond milk (1 cup), water (1 cup), one small apple chopped up and cinnamon. It was all washed down with a hot water and lemon – so filling!

After breakfast Ollie, Rowan and I went to the local coffee shop the Boston Tea Party. I went for the medium roast Boston decaf latte made with soya milk… it was so nice and frothy, hardly much difference than normal milk!

After Boston Tea Party we walked home, quickly changed Rowan’s t-shirt as he managed to smudge his biscuit into it and then headed to our friends for dinner. When i was planning my meals for this week, i planned in this meal. Our friend Will is vegetarian so he was making nut roast, there was a chicken on the go but i opted just for the nut roast. Will has been vegetarian all his life so he can make some amazing vegetarian meals. This nut roast was amazing and i will be having a try of it asap!


In the nut roast mix was;

  • courgette
  • butternut squash
  • cashew nuts
  • sage
  • mushrooms
  • peppers
  • onions
  • Tarragon (i think)

I also had a roast carrots, potatoes (roasted in olive oil) and peas. Very nice indeed.

DSCF0680 DSCF0679

After dinner, the other dived into the cookies and cakes that Ollie and I bought off the market this morning, it was hard to resist! Instead i had a decaf espresso (i never really understood the point of decaf espressos, but i do now!) Our toddlers entertained us for the rest of the afternoon!


Chloe decided to take Rowan for a walk in his buggy round the kitchen to get him off to sleep!


We had a lovely day with our friends Will and Lucy, we always do and our little ones love to play (& sometimes fight) with each other.

We headed home, put Rowan to bed and i made my self a snack tea meal as was still pretty full from the meal. I went for carrots & celery with hummus and a rice cake with wholenut peanut butter on top.


I’m having some blog reading/writing time whilst Ollie watches The Godfather Part II (not my cup of tea)… talking of cup of teas though i have just had my first decaf cup made with Alpro almond milk…


And my verdict… surprisingly nice! The tea tastes a little stronger but i like strong tea so not an issue. I’m also snacking on almonds as i type (craving chocolate a little bit but blogging is distracting me!)


Another one of my purchases at the supermarket yesterday was this Vegan cheese;


I can’t wait to make a pizza later in the week with it. I hope it tastes nice, has anyone tried it before?

I’m off to read some blogs now, nighty night x


4 thoughts on “Day One.

  1. The kids are SOO cute. I just wanna poke their cheeks! haha!

    Mindless snacking, or snackin randomly when sitting down and watching tv is sooo hard to avoid. way to go on Day 1, tick the days off and you’ll get there!

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