The Last Supper

I have eaten tons and tons over Christmas, my mom’s scales told me i am basically obese! WTF? So i am ready to make a start on my new years resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. I won’t go into numbers because basically i am utterly disgusted with how much i way, i may share my starting weight when i reach my goal weight. I would ideally like to lose 1.5-2 stone in weight – this is a realistic and sensible amount of weight for me to lose and i plan to do this by starting a bit of a detox to kickstart my weight loss. So last night i meal planned like i have never meal planned before!! I spent hours looking for recipes that would fit in with my detox week, so basically i am going vegan for one week as this will omit dairy, meat and a lot of other junk!

Who knew vegan’s eat such wonderful food – i love the idea of going vegan but i’m not sure i could cope with the restrictions, i have been reading some wonderful things though about health and this way of eating so i am happy to dip my toe in for a while.

After many hours, i produced a rather good meal plan for the week.

I went to supermarket and filled my trolley, with lots of fruit, veg and meat, dairy alternatives. I look forward to showing you some of my creations this week. I am not looking forward to my starting weigh in tomorrow and my ‘before’ photos – oh the dread!!!

My mother in law Ann looked after Rowan whilst i went shopping so i had lots of time to wander around the aisles.

Ann and I shared a Covent Garden Soup (Souper Greens), it was really nice and had a pesto taste.

Tonight is the last night i am going to eat crap, so Ollie and I had one final blow out…. a curry! We had popadoms and onion bhaji to start.


And for my main i had a vegetable korma and mushroom fried rice


It was lovely and disgusting at the same time… you will not be seeing any more food on my blog like this for a long time. Tomorrow is the day i am going to make a positive change, i have the power to do it, i know i have it in me.

Today i drove down the route i ran during my half marathons in 2009 and 2010 – i was actually amazed at how far i ran back then, it wasn’t easy at the time, it was a hard challenge but i did it because i wanted to succeed. I’m in a fortunate positioned as my 2 cousins and sister are also trying to lose weight so we are supporting each other, in fact one of my cousins has started her own blog… she is ace so please go check out her blog (Poppies in the Porch) and show her how supportive the blog world can be!  

On that note i am going to finish this post feeling bloated and with a positive quote to help me with this challenge to fight the bulge!


2 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. Good luck with that- I look forward to seeing your meals this week for some good ideas.
    Not sure if you have looked there already, but Oh She Glows (just search google) is a fantastic site and all the recipes are vegan- I look there first when I fancy something different.

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