Christmas 2012 in pictures

We spent our Christmas this year at my in-laws in the lovely harbour town of Brixham, unfortunately our early xmas morning walk along the breakwater did not happen as it rained so hard – oh well gave me an excuse to stay in my new onesie! (i know, I know i look like a tellytubby!)


The beautiful Christmas tree;


Ollie’s aunt, uncle and cousins also joined us, they brought with them their tortoise Tonto as they were worried that he may get stuck on his back whilst they were away, he was a very nice addition to our xmas day!


You can’t have xmas day with out xmas jumpers, i made ours this year. It took me several hours sewing huge santa clauses on our jumpers and we forgot to get a photo together wearing them – huge fail! But you can kind of see them in these photos (also notice Rowan dressed as an xmas elf!);



The lovely set xmas table;


We had the most amazing xmas dinner, my husbands mom is an amazing cook, i had a bit of everything! Then it was games and chill out time with the family;






It was a wonderful xmas, especially watching our little Rowan enjoying it all. I must take more and better photos next year!


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