The New Years Resolutions!

I am so behind with blogging, i had the most wonderful Christmas and New Year though, hence the lack of time to post (plus my in-laws don’t have wifi SHOCK HORROR!) I will write separate posts about that later as i really want to get my New Year Resolutions out there in print! I tweeted my resolutions on the 27th December 1:30am in the morning, i could not sleep so thought i would do something constructive. So here goes my New Year Resolutions (i shall go into more detail of each one throughout January)…

  1. Exercise Regularly – I think i want to do this every year but it doesn’t seem to happen! I really hope i can do this one now that i am at home more since leaving my job to look after Rowan full time. My plan is to complete Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (starting 7th Jan so it coincides with my sister doing it also) and then move onto P90X… that’s 120 days fitness commitment, not a lot when you think how many days are in a year!
  2. Eat healthy & allow one meal where i can eat what i want each week – I have decided that for the first 30 days, i am not going to allow a cheat meal, this will give me the kick start i need and willpower is pretty low after the food indulgent Christmas that i have just had!
  3. Tidy the pit of a house that we have & make it into a home – Housework is not one of my favourite things, I’ll be the first to admit that but i do like a tidy house. So i am going to commit to getting the house sorted in January, every item will have a home and if there isn’t a home for it, it will be going to the charity shop.
  4. Make a proper go of my craft business, take part in a craft fair – I love painting and have started to make a few gift items for family and friends, but I think i am ready to put more into this and make it a mini business. I have already made a page of facebook (RALA Handmade Crafts) I just need to manage my time to network and get some orders!
  5. Turn the TV & internet off… Get my own life before reading about others! – Now i love reading blogs, i really do, but i sometimes find that i read so many blogs that i do not have time to write my own! So i guess this is more about prioritising my own blog before reading others. I am also trying to turn the TV off in the day, it is no good for myself or Rowan to have crappy TV on in the background all the time, instead, we are going to listen to music and get some audio story books out from the library.
  6. Savour every second i have with my baby & have a special date night with the husband each week – I am in the fortunate position that i am a full time mom, money is extremely tight but we manage as long as we are carful, this means i get to spend most of my time with Rowan, which i love and plan to savour for as long as i can. Being parents mean being a couple gets put on the back burner, but the husband and I are going to try and have a date night, just a nice meal and watch a DVD together on a Saturday evening – we’re rock n roll i know!!!
  7. Write down what i have been grateful for at the end of each day, just a few words in my diary just for me – this sounds a bit gooey but i truly am happy with my life and would like to look back and read about all the nice times when i am an old crinkly lady, my husband’s Gran has been doing this since 1952 and always looks back over the years, i think it is a lovely idea.
  8. Get more sleep! – I’m not sure why but i have been struggling getting to sleep at night, i lay awake most nights till 2am. I’m not stressing about anything, i think i just find it hard to switch off of a night, so I am going to need to have wind down time before going to sleep, either listening to music or reading a book. I’m hoping that the healthy eating and exercise will help me get to sleep of a night, i really hope to get up uber early to get my workout out and shower done before the little man wakes up but know that will not happen if i am still awake at 2am in the morning.

Think that is enough for one year, i plan to go into a bit more detail of the above during the month of January, but will do a full review of how it’s going one month from now.

If you have made resolutions, i wish you luck – we can do this if we try x


3 thoughts on “The New Years Resolutions!

    • Thank You! I have the same goals every year but this year does feel different as i am a full time mom and not full time at work… hopefully i will have a tick by most of them by the end of the year!

      Good luck with your goals too… i feel your pain when it comes to lack of sleep zzzzzzzzz

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