End of year resolution?!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the healthy changes i want to make in the new year… i love a fresh start that a new year brings (even if it doesn’t last long!) But a lot of people can actually put a lot of weight on during the run up to Christmas, i know this is usually the case with me. After watching Earthlings last Sunday evening, my eating habits have changed a little and i actually have been eating really healthy! Lots of vegetables and very little dairy. So my end of year resolution is to not go too mad with food and drink over the festive season!

I said in my last post that i was going to talk a little bit more about the documentary ‘Earthlings’

I will not go into detail as it’s a personal choice whether a person wants to watch a documentary containing animal abuse but i made the choice to watch it. The only way i can describe how it has made me feel is as follows… you know when you have a really awful dream, i mean really bad that you wake up crying? And then you feel kind of strange the next day or two? Well that is how i felt after i watched the documentary, i felt obviously very sad and also very strange, like something inside of me died (sound dramatic i know!). Since watching the documentary, i can not actually even think about eating meat, i went shopping on the Monday after watching it and bought tons of fruit/veggies and meat alternatives – i couldn’t even go near the meat fridges. I’m not sure if this is going to be a long term thing but my husband has been great and said that i should just eat what feels right at the moment, and at the moment, i don’t want to eat meat (not sure what i am going to do xmas day at the in-laws if i still have this aversion to meat!)

So this week we have had a few vegan and vegetarian meals, which have been loved by myself, Ollie and Rowan. Here are a few;

Meal One: Sweet Potato, Spinach & Lentil Dahl & Chappati (both recipes were found on BBC Good Food website)

I made this dish not so long ago and it was just as good second time round, Ollie really enjoyed the chilli kick to the dish as he was coming down with a cold so meant he could taste it.

Meal Two: Roasted Vegetable Homemade Pizza (the base was the Delia Smith one i made for my festive pizza – the husband said that it was better than a shop bought one… but then he was full of cold when he ate it!)

I have to admit, this pizza was pretty awesome! Next time though i am going to add sweetcorn and black olives to add a little more flavour variety.

Meal Three: Roasted Vegetables with Whole wheat Pasta and Passata

I loved the roasted veggies so much i made the same mixture tonight but instead of making a pizza base, i added it to whole wheat pasta bows instead. I warmed a little passata which i mixed in once i took the photo and also added a little bit of grated cheese post photo – this was super duper filling!

What’s nice is Rowan has been eating the roasted veggies too, tonight he had the pasta above (but cut up into smaller pieces) and the night we had the pizza he had the veggies mixed with cous cous… he loves it!

In my veggie mix for both recipes i included:

  • red onion
  • yellow pepper
  • red pepper
  • mushroom
  • cherry tomatoes &
  • courgette

So like i said, I’m not sure what I’m doing about eating meat just yet but i am sure you will be the first to know if i do start eating meat again (because you will see it on the blog!)

I need to also update on the 25 days of blogging Christmas challenge – i didn’t feel like posting last night after hearing about the sad news in Connecticut, my thoughts went out to all those innocent children and teachers.


14. Real or artificial tree? There is nothing better than the smell of a real tree but we always have an artificial tree. I remember one year having a real tree when i was a kid… i remember my mom cursing after vacuuming up the needles several times a day and also impaling my toes on a pesky needle everyday on the run up to xmas, so the following year mom and dad dusted off the artificial tree and put that back up instead.

15. The best gift you have given? i think the best gift that we gave was a photo portrait of all the grandaughters to my nan and grandad, nan still has it on her wall above grandad’s chair.

It rained all day today in Devon – not festive at all, you know you picture walking through the town market in your finest woolies, with floaty snow and Christmas cheer, well instead it reminded me of this…


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