Catching up….

Ok, i completely stink at blogging everyday so I’m failing miserably at my 25 days of blogging Christmas Challenge! But I’m going to play a little catch up and hopefully resume the challenge thereafter, so here goes…


9. Easiest person to buy for… This would have to be my mom as she makes a list of all the things she would like at xmas and you just pick one that suits your budget! I love buying gifts that people actually want!

10. Favourite Holiday Scent… i think it would have to be the smell of a real xmas tree, how more xmassy can you get really? I would love to have a real tree this year but as we now have Rowan we can’t risk the needles falling off so we have stuck to a good ole fake tree.

11. Favourite xmas tradition… i think this has to be the way my sister and I would organise all the presents into piles whilst mom got the breakfast ready, we would then take it in turns to open our presents so we could have a nose at what each other got… my dad always insisted on opening his presents last, so he could enjoy watching everyone else first.

12. Wrapping paper of gift bags? It always has to be wrapping paper for me and i always pick a traditional design, nothing modern as it isn’t xmassy enough for me.

13. Favourite Xmas book? It has to be a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, i love love love this story and when Rowan gets older i can not wait to read it to him on the run up to Christmas!

Ok, that’s the challenge catch up – so what’s been happening with me this week, highlights below;

  • Went to rhythm and rhyme with Rowan where we sang xmas songs
  • Went to baby group with Rowan, we made xmas cards with his footprint on, we chose green card, gold paint and a heck of a lot of glitter.
  • On my mission to find tasty vegan recipes for my one week vegan challenge in January, i came across a documentary on Youtube called Earthlings… I’m not sure how i did it but i watched the whole thing and i have to say a little bit of me has died inside. It’s a documentary on how animals are used in human life, including pets, food, entertainment, science and fashion. I think everyone should watch it but it is heartbreaking to watch and contains a lot of awful footage of animal abuse. I am going to write a whole post on this soon as it has effected me so much 😦
  • Husband has said he will join me on the vegan challenge in January to help me with it (i love him).
  • My closest friend from University had her baby last night – a little girl that they called Evelynn – can’t wait to meet her!
  • Been trying some lovely veggie recipes in preparation for my vegan challenge.
  • Cut out all caffeine and moved onto decaf, peppermint and fennel tea instead (and had to endure the most disgusting caffeine withdrawal headaches – yuck)
  • Bought mine and Ollie’s jumpers from the charity shop ready to transform them into the most distasteful xmas themed jumpers 🙂
  • Just watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ snuggled up in bed with Ollie with the electric blanket on 0 bliss!

Think that’s about it, i will resume proper blogging tomorrow – I’ll share with you some of my wonderful meals this week and talk a little bit about Earthlings (i promise not to go into detail of what i saw or try and guilt trip people into watching it).

Night all x


4 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Forks over knives is good too- interesting and more of a health perspective. That documentary sounds very interesting but also very sad.

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