Cinnamon and Carnivals!

Today i have mostly been making these…


Delicious Cinnamon Rolls (or whirls) – which turned out HUGE!! I followed this recipe.


Huge but delicious!!! I watched one of my many favourite films whilst baking, has anyone watched this one;

I just love it and takes me back to being a little girl when i used to watch it… memories!!

Tonight was the town carnival, we were meant to see the carol concert and switching on of the town tree lights last night but we had a very tired boy who needed his cotbed so we stayed in the warm and looked forward to tonight’s carnival instead.

We all got wrapped up, my first port of call was Costa Coffee which is a stones throw from my house to pick up a warming Black Forest Hot Chocolate, i got slightly addicted to these last year and with the coffee shop so close to my house it’s a dangerous situation!


We hung out at the tree for a while until the carnival started.



I had one of those strange orbs on my photo… spooky as i was stood right by a war monument!!!


Waiting for the floats…


Carnival time!!!

2012-12-08180710 2012-12-08180748



Rowan loved the carnival and was happily dancing away! He was so pooped when we got home that he had his milk and went off soundly to sleep. This is when the fun began for mommy and daddy… it started with some festive drinks…


I went for a cherry B, it was then time to get the Christmas decorations up before the X Factor final began (I’m team James Arthur, how about you?)

Husband looks a little crazy here… he’s perfectly sane… honestly!




2012-12-08201225 2012-12-08201630

2012-12-08201243 2012-12-08201256

A lovely day all round and to top it off James Arthur is through to the actual final tomorrow – woo hoo!!


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