25 Days of Blogging – Christmas Challenge day 7 & 8


7. Most memorable Christmas. I think this has to be Christmas 2008. My dad whilst tipsy at xmas 2007 invited ALL the family to xmas the following year and said he would do the dinner! My dad had never ever cooked the xmas dinner and my parents house was only just big enough to accommodate everyone, that’s what made it so fun!

*I can’t remember why we all had name badges as we are all family so should remember each others names! – mine says Trolley Dolly as i was cabin crew at the time*

The full house and also why i loved this xmas? my 3 grandparents were there. Sadly Poppy (centre) passed away Nov 2010 and Grandad (on the right) passed away last month. Below is 2 of the 3 tables full of family, we joked that my aunt and cousins on the table going into the kitchen were economy class, and our table closest to the TV was first class dining!

My cousin in Economy class! Check out my dad reading the instructions on the bread sauce waha ha ha!

Dad pulled off xmas day dinner with the help of Delia Smith and Jameson’s Whiskey!

8. Post a photo of Christmas Decor… check out my next post, you will see our decorations!!!


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