Late Night Shopping!

But first, a bit of a catch up of the 25 days of blogging – Christmas Challenge!


5 Best Gift You’ve Ever Received? I have 3 gifts that come to mind, 1 a typewriter when i was about 6 years old – i really wanted one and santa delivered… however i don’t actually remember using it! 2. A my little pony and stable set, i remember really liking the advert when i was about 9 or 10 years old and my parents must have seen the desire in my eyes so got it for me, i remember i did not ask for it as thought it might be too expensive – bless me! And finally 3 a Nintendo Gameboy when i was about 12 or 13. Again i remember saying i would really love one but knew they were expensive so asked for money to put towards one instead. My mom and dad thought it was so lovely that i was being so considerate that they bought me the gameboy and 2 games too!

6 Your favourite tree ornament? This has to be one that still gets put onto my parents tree now, its just a little round decoration with my name cross stitched onto it, simple but beautiful. My sister had one too, i’m not sure who made them but as she has an unusually spelt name ‘Ilyse’, she never got anything with her name on ever, so loved it!


Well Christmas has well and truly arrived in my little Devonshire town, the town Xmas tree is officially up!

And this is what it looks like all lit up!

Tonight was late night shopping, a lot of the shops opened late and offered alcoholic drinks, cakes, chocolates and festive merryment! I met with my mommy friend Lucy as we left the babies at home warm in their beds being watched by their daddies. It was lovely for us as normally we have our buggies and can’t get in a lot of the smaller shops, but tonight we could go anywhere we wanted… except Wendy’s Cookshop as it was full of carol singers!

We were offered mostly Mulled Wine, perfect on a cold December evening but one shop Violet and Grey were offering Gin and Ginger Beer cocktail topped with cucumber – mighty refreshing and warming! I’ve never been in this shop before as there are steps in and is difficult with the pushchair, but i have to say this is my new favourite shop in town. It had the most beautiful gifts and the owners were so nice and friendly – there little helper, a young man was making sure we all had a drink and a canopy in our hand!

After looking around a few more shops, we headed for the Honiton Wine Bar, i love it as it is always so warm and cosy. We were popping in for a glass of wine but after seeing the gorgeous menu we decided to eat too, so we shared the tapas.


The Tapas included; Proscuitto ham, mixed salami, pepperdew peppers, marinated black and green olives, sun dried tomatoes, chilli feta, figs. French bread with Olive oil and balsamic dip.

They had run out of french bread so replaced it with garlic bread instead – bonus!! This spread was wonderful! The pepperdew peppers were a little hot but not too much and the fig mixed with the ham was to die for – the mix of the salty ham and sweet fig just needs to be done!

I also had a large glass of Liebfraumilch – i love sweet wine!

I didn’t actually buy anything other than food and wine, but a gossip with a friend was just what i needed! Lucy even talked about starting a blog herself… i’m going to help her set one up soon!


6 thoughts on “Late Night Shopping!

    • You would love Honiton as all the shops are like that… they’re just not ideal with a pushchair and a grabby one year old!!! As well as the candles you should have seen the lip balm flavours!!! Latte, Earl Grey, Amaretto, Chocolate Orange!!! I darn’t buy one as i would actually eat the balm!!!

  1. Hey! I don’t think i’ve come across your blog before. Thanks for stopping by!
    I went to university in Scotland! 😀 Then, worked in England afterwards. Greaat fun!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

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