Lots of Prettys…

But first…


4. Favourite Christmas Song? I love most Christmas songs but i have to say my favourite has to be The Pogues/Kirsty Mcoll Fairytale of New York, when i hear that song it’s officially Christmas!

I have to be honest, food this side of the new year, is not going to be pretty! It’s the time of year, i try and use up as much of the bad food before my healthy kick start in the new year… I promise this blog will look a lot healthier come the first week in January! One strange thing i did eat today was this…

A whole tin of mackerel that was in sunflower oil, i don’t know why but i saw it in the cupboard, fancied it and ate it! It was lovely but my house does now stink of fish! As you can see i need to be adding more green foods and not just eating a tin of fish for my lunch!

During lunch, i started thinking of years gone by as i planned my month of December. This time of year pre-Rowan, i used be compiling end of year reports, organising xmas parties and secret santa’s. This year i am planning which xmas craft fairs/bazaars, carol concerts, parades to go to… It’s a busy life being a mom don’t you know?!

Tonight i was invited to a Jewellery party. So i got myself ready… i’m having a fat day, not pretty!

The party was all homemade jewellery, which was really nice, i bought a few xmas presents and of course a necklace for my self and some earrings! I shall show you all tomorrow my purchases. Lots of Prettys!


Tomorrow, Rowan and I are heading into Exeter… we’re on a mission to find him a wonderful stocking so Santa knows where to leave his presents!


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