Quick Post!

I have 4 minutes until The Only Way is Essex LIVE is about to start so i am going to make this one quick!


Day 3 How/When did you learn that Santa wasn’t real? Huh… what? Not sure what you mean with this one… wait… Santa isn’t real?!!!!

ok, i did know that Santa wasn’t real. I think i was about 9 or 10 years old (so a bit later in life), i started to ask lots of questions that kiddies just don’t ask… ‘how does he get into the house when we don’t have an open fire? How does he deliver the presents without the house security alarm going off? How does one man deliver all those presents in one night???’ Then one day i walked into my mom and said ‘Santa isn’t real, is he?’ when she said No, i got a lump in my throat… the magic of xmas was over for ever… and the shock that my parents were such HUGE liars was very disappointing too!

I can’t talk about it anymore… it is just too upsetting!


2 thoughts on “Quick Post!

  1. I don’t remember finding out about Santa, but I remember the Easter Bunny – I must have been about 10 I think, and I looked out my bedroom window to see my Dad hiding all the eggs in the garden- I really thought until that point that the bunny came and hid the eggs- nothing else had crossed my mind. I was upset, but I pretended I had not seen and carried on as normal! As I have two younger siblings I had to keep it up for them too!

    • Aw bless you and your shattered dreams of the Easter Bunny! I can’t remember finding out about the Easter Bunny, i think when i found out about Santa, that was it for me… the bunny and the tooth fairy went out of the window at the same time!

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