25 Days of Blogging – Christmas Challenge

I love a good challenge, so when i saw this on Peanut Butter Jenny’s i just knew i had to partake!

I am a day behind so i will play catch up and do 1 & 2 today…


1. Your Favourite Christmas Movie? It has to be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, i love this film and have watched every year since i can remember, i love Chevy Chase and find this one particularly funny!

2. Your 2012 Christmas wishlist? Other than a UK size 10 body by xmas day (that’s not gonna happen) i don’t really want anything material… i just want to have a lovely Christmas with my husband, baby, family and friends… sounds corny but it’s true!

My Sunday

We were woken by the lovely church bells… check out how close we live to the town church!


For breakfast i had a repeat of yesterday as i enjoyed it so much, festive eggy bread with icing sugar and dried cranberries.

2012-12-02105623 2012-12-02105636

During breakfast we planned the day ahead which included a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary and to put the decorations up… what actually happened was neither! Firstly, Rowan decided to nap for England after breakfast, when he woke up, we had lunch together…


I went for burnt cheese on toast and leftover festive pizza…


…and then the heavens decided to open – lots of rain, so no Donkey Sanctuary! It’s ok though, we live 10 minutes from the Sanctuary and we will go see the nee nah’s soon when the weather is brighter. As for the decorations, well we have this one thing up so far…


Isn’t it lovely? It’s our reusable advent calendar that my Mother in Law made for Rowan. I want to start creating wonderful xmas memories for him like i used to have of xmas, and there is nothing better than having something that comes out each year with the decorations… i want to get him a nice stocking too. The tree and the other decs are still in the loft, we forgot to get them down before Rowan went to bed this evening so didn’t want to risk waking him with all the noise.

Our friends asked us over for afternoon tea and cake, so that filled the donkey sanctuary gap – they have a daughter exactly the same age (i mean born on the same day, 1 hour and a half apart), so we love all getting together. We wrapped Rowan up like he was going on a polar expedition – hat, scarf, gloves the whole lot!


MMMMmmmmm coffee and cakes!


Aw, Rowan and his girlfriend… wish i could say it was young love, but they act like brother and sister and tear in to each other… Rowan usually loses 😦


When we got home, we fed, bathed and put Rowan to bed, he has been golden with his sleep recently – he is such a good little boy. I chilled out and watched TV whilst Ollie made the dinner, it was put on the table just in time for the X Factor results! Has anybody else been sad enough to get into this year too?! (James to WIN)!!!

My honey made us chicken and ham pie, boiled new potatoes and green beans – i added a huge spoonful of wholeberry cranberry sauce to mine and enjoyed a glass of Cherry B wine.


Cheers everyone!


(I’m already looking forward to my new year detox! Anybody know of any good detoxes by the way?)


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