Festive Pizza!


It was so nice to wake up on the first of December to a frosty, sunny day! Let’s see what is happening through the round window…


Once Rowan and I were up, i made up the wood burner and got us a lovely fire going, i decided to make us eggy bread, as wanted to continue with the warm theme! Rowan had plain egg, i went for a flurry of icing sugar and dried cranberries on mine.


Check out my cutie pie breakfast date…


Our film of choice whilst eating breakfast was the Polar Express, what a lovely film!


Rowan is either teething again (he has 2 tooth still) or he is coming down with a cough/cold, he had a bit of a rough night last night so we decided to stay by the fire, snuggle and watch terrible channel 5 xmas films. For lunch we both had marmite on toast, we shared the apple and mommy had the peanut butter.


*Just noticed the chip in my plate… that will be going in the bin tomorrow*

We are having friends round for some festive cheer in a few weeks and i was thinking about making something a little different for them, so i thought maybe i could make a Festive Pizza! I thought i would do a dummy run tonight to see whether it would taste nice and this was the result…


It turned out good! I followed Delia Smith’s recipe for the base, which worked better than any other recipe i have tried in the past and topped it with cranberry sauce (instead of tomato), chicken (which will be turkey on the night but i had chicken to use up) and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

The result, a wonderful pizza which i will definitely be making for our friends. I had a couple of slices with a glass of Cherry B wine. I was meant to have a side of salad but it had gone all brown and mushy in the bag… god damn you pre-packed salad bags!



I enjoyed my food and drink whilst watching the X Factor, i have really loved this years series and am a MASSIVE fan of James Arthur, who could resist those baby blues huh?


Before i leave you tonight, i thought i would share with you a photo of my pimply face…


One of my new years resolutions will definitely be to cleanse this body inside and out! My poor skin is taking a real beating at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions on how they get clear skin i would gratefully appreciate any advice. For me i think it is because of caffeine and bread maybe? Both i consume a lot of so they will be going out of the window in the new year!

I’m so excited about this December we have so much planned that i am going to share with you all. I’m also working on my new years resolutions and challenges… I just need to stay focused and not go too mad over xmas otherwise i will have even more weight to lose!


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