Blue Cheese and Honey????

R and I had a lovely chill out day, when the weather is as gloomy and wet as it was today there is nothing better than staying in our PJ’s and playing with as many toys and books as we can!

I started the day with porridge, with a sprinkle of coconut, dried cranberries and a big old dollop of peanut butter,


I had a bit of beans on toast for lunch as this is what R was eating, so i just shared it with him, it was rather a nice,

A bit later i had a snack of yogurt, honey, peanut butter and granola,


I didn’t want to eat too much as i was going out for dinner with an antenatal friend, the men were staying home with the babies… how lucky am I? I even got to wear make up and straighten my hair!


We went to The Railway Inn, my favourite place to go and eat in our town, Ollie and I used to go there lots but now that we have R it is a real treat to go. They serve the most delicious food, all local, sustainable and seasonable.

As we were baby and husband free we shared a bottle of Pinot Gricio and a bottle of sparkling water (we can’t drink like we used too!)


We shared a starter of Calamari/whitbait frittas with tartar sauce salad and organic lemon,


The flavours were stunning, the calamari/whitbait was covered in fresh parmesan, spring onion and chilli.

For main, we decided to share a pizza. The railway make the best pizzas i have ever eaten, they have the crispiest base and the tastiest toppings, we opted for the Chorizo, fresh salsa, red onion, black olive and mozzarella pizza,


Think this may be my new favourite flavour! I have never had salsa on a pizza before but it worked so well with the chorizo, i may have to try and recreate this one at home!

We were meant to order a fennel and orange salad to go with the pizza but my friend in all the excitement of being out forgot to order it so we opted to have dessert instead… as you do!!

My friend went for the eaten mess (which you can see peeping behind mine) and i opted for the Blue Cheese, Axminster honey, dates and oat slices… that’s right honey and blue cheese! I was intrigued to know how this tasted…


Well it was AMAZING!! Is this a new thing blue cheese/honey/dates??? Am i just not with it as this really worked together, the flavours completely complemented each other… again i may have to recreate at home!

It was nice to go out and unwind, especially after the week i have had, the best part about being a mom though and going out is you get to come home and kiss your sweet sleeping baby on the head… pure bliss!

Night all x


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