What went in my belly today…

I am feeling so tired this week, i guess with the passing of my grandad at the weekend, i really am feeling it.

Today i woke up and thought that i needed to get some healthy food and a bit of exercise as i am well and truly in the doldrums. I started my day with a lovely Twinings Green Tea with Orange and Lotus Flower and a warming bowl of porridge with dried cranberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.



I got my butt out of the house today as i knew R and I needed to get some well deserved fresh air, it’s been a slob at home kinda week, we first met my antenatal friend Lucy and her daughter C for a coffee at the Boston Tea Party. R was on his best behaviour as always and i enjoyed a skinny latte. It was nice to have a catch up with Lucy, she’s a great friend.


We went on a good walk around the town and managed to cover a couple of miles, it was dry weather, cold but not freezing. The Devon air was fresh and it was just what i needed. R got tired so we headed home, whilst R napped i had some lunch of mixed salad, maple roasted chicken slices, cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese… It was just what my belly wanted.



I cleaned the kitchen, cooked R his dinner, cheesy mash with brocolli and carrot (very yummy) and roasted a large sweet potato ready for dinner all before the little man woke up!

Late afternoon, I fancied something sweet so had a small dollop of low fat natural yogurt (this is from Lidl and is sooo good)! with a few dried cranberries and a drizzle of honey.


I went for and easy (but tasty) dinner, baked salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and a mix of peas and sweet corn.


This weekend, Ollie is going to do some boy stuff with R and i am going to have a mooch around the shops in my town. As the town i live in, in East Devon is so old, a lot of the quirky little shops are not made for pushchairs, one shop in particular that i love is an antique shop over 3 floors, each floor is connected by a steep, narrow stair case… on the 3rd floor of this particular shop they have what i like to call a ‘tat’ room, things that have been bought but aren’t actual antiques so are really cheap (like an indoor car boot)! I am hoping to get some interesting plates, bowls and fabrics to make my blog photos a little more appealing!

I’m sad to say that i have fallen completely behind with my P90X challenge, I’ve just had so much go on that it hasn’t been my priority and in the next few weeks i will be going up to the midlands for my grandads funeral so that will disrupte me again and then we have a super busy Christmas round lots of people’s houses (so i can not work out easy), so i have decided to put P90x programme on hold until January and in the mean time i will concentrate on my eating and workout when i can… this is the most sensible thing for me to do right now.

My new years resolution therefore is to complete P90X!

Does anyone know of any good challenges going on in the blog world right now? I need something to focus on.

See you tomorrow guys 🙂


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