Feeling you’re being watched!

Since i started this new blog, i have been eating ALOT better… that’s because people may actually be watching me! Why would people want to read a blog about a girl who eats toast with lashings of butter for breakfast, pies/pasties for lunch and takeaways for dinner?… i know i wouldn’t, but when no one is *watching* what i’m eating, i can easily eat all those things. So this blog is good for me… people may be reading or not, but posting what i am up to and eating is helping none the less.

Right, i’m a day behind because i started watching Twilight Saga New Moon last night and it didn’t finish until 11:30 pm so i was too tired to blog.

Yesterday, i had a good day for meals, take a look:


I tucked into some more of my breakfast cookies… i shall be making more and will put the actual recipe from nics nutrition for you all – i replaced the chopped nuts with chai seeds and it worked great too – i washed them down with a big mug of Earl Grey.


I had some cottage cheese to eat up but i also had a craving for eggs, so i made an omelette stuffed with the cottage cheese, salad and a small amount of salad cream.


I made a Veggie Shepherds Pie, i got the recipe from the BBC Good Food website, it looked so comforting on the recipe photo, i just had to try it. I gathered all the ingredients (i forgot to put out the tin of chopped tomato & also used red grape juice instead of red wine to make the meal baby friendly);

And made a wonderful pie! I put a bit of grated cheese only on one side as Ollie doesn’t like it (i know crazy right?)


I served it on my smaller dinner plate with some brocolli.



This was a definite hit and i shall definitely be making again… we have it again tonight… i love leftovers!

Did you all have a good Halloween? Any scary trick or treaters? We only had one lot of trick or treaters, which i missed because i was just putting Rowan to bed! Typical!

I finished my night watching New Moon, i decided to have a rest day as i just wasn’t feeling the workout last night… I’m back to it today with Yoga X… probably my favourite P90X video – i will try and make a video of me attempting the yoga moves later, something to make you all laugh!


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