Why i *heart* October…

Apart from how beautiful this season is…


All the above photos can be found on this lovely facebook page Ahhctober

There is another reason i *heart* October…

31st October 2002

I met Ollie at University back in 20o2 at a Halloween party in the local night club… I know, how romantic! I was dressed as a cat, Ollie didn’t do fancy dress but i guess the rest you can say is history!

 17th October 2009

We got married in Devon on the most beautiful autumn day, and honeymooned in Thailand after…

Beautiful Koh Samui

11th October 2011

Our amazing son, Rowan entered the world… can you see why i love October so much?!

11th October 2012

We celebrated Rowan’s first birthday at Plymouth Aquarium


I quit my job to become a full time mom… best job in the world!


And today 31st October 2012 Ollie and I have been together 10 years!! Woo hoo!  In that time we have travelled the world, bought a house, bought a cat, got engaged, got married, had a baby and will live happily ever after. Love you honey!


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