Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!!!


How adorable is my little batman?!!!

This morning for breakfast, i really was not hungry – i struggle with this meal the most, i can eat for England of an evening but have no appetite whatsoever in the morning – hence the reason i made breakfast cookies yesterday to help me with it a bit. I had 2 of the lovely healthy cranberry and chai cookies with a big mug of Earl Grey.

Rowan must have known that it was his Halloween party today so went down for a long nap this morning (a whole 2 hours 15 mins!!) leaving mommy time to shower, dry AND straighten my hair and even put on make up, these were luxuries i took for granted pre-baby LOL!

Once awake, ro had his lunch but i held off mine as knew there was going to be a mini spread at the party. The party was with all the babies from my ante-natal group, there is 7 in total but unfortunately 2 became sick so we were left with 5, don’t they look great in their outfits?!

We have Mr Pumpkin, Little Lamb, Yoda (who we thought initially was Shrek), Batman with the stolen light saber, and Miss Pumpkin

Out of the 7 babies only one was a girl!! What are the odds? The mini spread that us moms put on could only be described as Sweet, we all bought cakes, cookies and sweets… not a sarnie in sight!

I went straight for my friends homemade pumpkin pie, she also runs a fudge shop in Devon so i had a piece of their festive Christmas pudding fudge. The pie was autumn wrapped in pastry, it was not too sweet and had a hint of cinnamon (i will try and get the recipe) and the fudge… wow, i could almost hear the jingle bells as i ate it!

I managed to resist the rest of the cakes, this is an amazing achievement for me as i can not say no to sweet things at the moment. The babies had a lovely time socialising and so did the mommies, we have become such good friends!

We got home, Rowan had dinner, play, bottle and bed… the boy was pooped! Ollie and I had second day stew (i prefer stew on the second day, so much thicker and tastier) with baked potato, peas and sweet corn.

I let my food go down for an hour and then pressed play on the DVD player, if Tony Horton says bring it… i flippin’ well bring it! Cardio X baby Week 2 day 2 of P90X! And boy did i sweat this evening, i wanted to get a photo of how sweaty and red i was before the cool down, but when i looked back at the photo at the end, i burst out laughing, i looked absolutely worn out, my face really does say it all!

In other news, i won a giveaway today on Twitter – a PRO Runtastic account from Philippa Moore – i’ll tell you more about it when i get the details.

It’s mid week tomorrow and I feel like i am achieving all my goals this week, my firework still has lots of burn left in it!


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