Tony Horton is trying to kill me!!

Today has been a day for cooking… i have made;

  • Annabel Karmel recipe for the the little man (today’s was mash, carrot and broccoli)
  • Beef Stew for myself and Ollie

need to work on my food presentation skills!!!

  • Milk Chocolate cookies for Rowan’s Halloween party

  • Breakfast cookies which i saw on @nicsnutrition page on twitter (instead of chopped nuts i used chia seeds), and

I also completed Week 2 Day 1 of P90X – Core Synergisitics, this was my first experience of this workout as i changed from the Classic to the Lean schedule last Tuesday so missed it… it was H.A.R.D! I actually thought Tony Horton was on a mission to kill me tonight, i was pooped by the end of it! I have learnt not to eat a beef stew before Core Synergisitics, next time i will either work out before eating of way after my meal as i felt quite sick on some of the exercised, especially doing ‘Superman’ and ‘Banana’!!!

My face just shows you how the workout went…

After all my cooking/baking today, i had the ‘i don’t feel like working out’ feeling after i ate my dinner… but i knew that i would regret not working out and doubted i would regret it if i did work out… i was right… no regrets here this evening!

I also had my 2nd green smoothie of the week, today it contained 2 massive handfuls of spinach, 8 oz skimmed milk and a pear low fat yogurt, it tasted so fresh and light and i have noticed an improvement in my energy levels already – yay!

I feel like i have achieved quite a bit today, i’m so glad i didn’t wimp out on my workout, but it’s now gone midnight in the UK and i need to get some sleep, i have a Halloween party tomorrow with a bunch of mommies and 1 year olds and also have Cardio X to do.

Night all, and may i say i’m thinking about all those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the US x


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