Baby You’re a Firework!!!

That is how i am describing myself this week… as a firework. At the start of every week, i shoot off full of energy with good intentions of eating healthy and working out regularly but mid week i start to fizzle out and become more relaxed and by the weekend i am completely extinguished!!

That is how i am describing last week for me, i started well, eating homemade clean foods, doing my p90X workouts, but mid week i had my funny turn (which hasn’t repeated thankfully) so i became a little relaxed (and ate chocolate) and by the weekend my folks were visiting and it all went to pot!!

I hardly took any photos as i have had such a good weekend! Friday my parents arrived and i made oven fish and chips so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy take out fish and chips, so saved a few calories there but i also enjoyed a vodka or 2 with my mom!

Saturday was a beautiful clear, sunny but cold autumn day, i made everyone croissants with bacon. We had a walk round our towns weekly street market and warmed up in Toast, i had a hot chocolate but also shared some of the husbands fries – it was to warm up!!

We then went and bought pasties from the local butchers,

I had the most amazing cheese, potato and onion pastie ever!!!! So you can see by this point my firework was fully extinguished and gone cold!!

It was the Hontion Carnival this past weekend and there is a real holiday feeling in the town, hence the reason i thought i was allowed to eat what ever i wanted!! I did not make the carnival as Rowan had fallen asleep, so my parents and Ollie went and i stayed behind and made dinner – Chicken and Chorizo tray bake from this recipe and also had some mulled wine on the stove ready for when they got back from the carnival (sorry no pics of Saturday night). I served the tray bake with mash and enjoyed the mulled wine, we also had a bit of chocolate and sweets from the carnival – so naughty!

Sunday i woke up and felt yuck from all the food and alcohol i had consumed over the past 2 days do opted for a bowl of cereal. We then all packed ourselves into the car and headed to Sidmouth, my husband takes Rowan swimming every Sunday, it’s their boy time, so we went along and spectated.

Rowan enjoying cuddles with Granny post swim!

Dad looking far too serious!

Mom and dad were leaving on Sunday to head back up to Birmingham so we wanted them to have a good meal before leaving so we took them to the Aviator Restaurnat in Dunkeswell for a carvery. They do the nicest carveries and you get to watch light aircraft and helicopters taking off and landing whilst you eat! I filled my plate,

There is beef and ham under there somewhere! And i am very sad to say it didn’t stop there, we had dessert too! I went for the treacle tart and honeycombe icecream.

We said our goodbyes to mom and dad, and went home and chilled. Rowan was good as gold and managed to stay awake the extra hour that we gained from the clocks going back. Ollie ordered Tin Tin on DVD but i did not watch it, so surfed the net and read my book before hitting the sack. I wanted the last of the bad food out of the house so i could start this week on a fresh so we did have bacon sandwiches for our dinner last night!

I did have one thing healthy over the weekend though, when everyone was at the carnival, i made a green smoothie, i haven’t had one in ages but felt like i needed the iron… i need more of these in my life and less pasties i think!

Right stand back, i’m just about to light this weeks firework, i hope it last longer than the normal ones i use!


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