Funny Turns…

Have you ever had a funny turn… well i hadn’t experienced this until today!

It was my turn to host my mommy/baby friends weekly meet up, all the girls and their babies arrived and as i was engaging in conversation with them, i had the hardest heart palpitations, i literally thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! I suffer mild palpitations anyway but this was something else, i also felt all the blood run out of my head making me light headed. I instinctively put my head down to get the blood back into my head. The whole episode lasted less than a minute but it really scared me!

Last night i did my Shoulder and Arm/Ab Ripper X exercise, but as my weights are not that heavy felt like i didn’t have a very good workout, so i know this didn’t happen because i was overdoing it.

My friends did not pick up on me feeling off and i didn’t want to worry them so i carried on with my day. When they all left i called my mom to see if she knew what it might be, she suggested if it happens again that i should go to the doctor and get my blood pressure checked. I have also had to give up my job as they will not allow me to return part time after my maternity leave next week, so my mom suggested that maybe that is stressing me out. She also mentioned that she used to experience similar years ago ‘around that time of the month’ (sorry if tmi), which actually may be the case with me… so i plan to monitor how i go and cut out caffeine as a precaution. As i was still feeling a little washed out from the funny turn my mom suggested i take a rest night tonight from P90X and make up for the lost workout on my next rest day… so i have followed mom’s orders and have gone to bed to catch up on some blog reading – mom’s know best right?

Do i look a bit sorry for myself? And a bit pale?? Think maybe i need some iron!

I feel rather guilty as not only have i not done Yoga X this evening, i ate this to cheer myself up…

Bad Amy!!!

However I did have a low calorie, budget friendly dinner made from scratch tonight, knowing that when my skin goes a little pale it means i need more iron, i picked a recipe containing spinach. I got the recipe from the bbc good food website and if you would like to try it you can find the recipe here.

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Lentil Dhal

I gathered all the ingredients together and threw it all together,

I added a few slices of chorizo cut into quarters for a bit more flavour, but i think this is the type of recipe that you could chuck anything into and it would still taste nice.

I served the dhal with naan bread, within 30 minutes we had a healthy, extremely tasty dhal…

This meal was a huge hit so you will be seeing it again very soon i am sure!

Right, I’m going to read a bit more of my book and get some shut eye… I’m pooped!

Night all x


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