The Day of No TV!!!

Hi my names Amy and i am a TV addict, there i said it!!!

Since becoming a mom, especially when i was sat down a lot in the first few weeks because a) It flamin’ hurt to stand up and b) I was demand breastfeeding Rowan – i have watched a hell of a lot of TV… i mean i have put in many many hours!!!

Well recently i have been finding it hard to go to sleep of a night and i realised that apart from when i want to go to sleep, the house is never quiet – the TV is ALWAYS on! I put the TV on just for background noise normally as that is what i have got used too, but i hate the fact Rowan is in front of it most of the time too. I have seem lots of quotes lately about if you want to change something, then it is up to me to make the change.

Barbell Exercises That Suit Beginners

So today instead of worrying about how much TV i am watching i turned the damned thing off!

This is a sight i am not used too, a blank TV screen! But instead i have been playing more with Rowan (hence the state of the living room), reading this that i got from the library last week – it’s pretty good and i am really enjoying it;

And, i’ve also written all of my thank you notes to people for their lovely presents that they gave Rowan for his 1st birthday… how productive am I?

Right, after feeling rather good about myself regarding the TV being off, i am also delighted to tell you all i have been good with my food this morning – hardly any picking! Because we all know…

Little Pickers Wear Big Knickers!!!!

Breakfast, i really wasn’t hungry but didn’t want to not eat so i went for an apple and PB,

And lunch, i made Rowan a banana sandwich so i had the other half on an English muffin with a tiny bit of butter and a drizzle of honey, raw carrots and raw broccoli

The little monkey swiped a raw carrot off my plate, i usually steam carrots for Rowan as he’s only got 1 tooth!!! but he had a good chomp on it anyway!

Right, Rowan is napping so I’m going to enjoy the rest of my green tea and read a few blogs… catch you all later.


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