P90X Week 1 Day 2 Cardio X

I’ve decided to change from the Classic P90X schedule, which is mainly strength training to the Lean P90X schedule, which is more cardio. As my weights are so light, i didn’t feel like i was getting a good enough workout last week and as i am on a tight budget and can not afford heavier weights just yet, the lean sounds more appealing!

So today i did Cardio X, it’s the first time i have done this workout, did i like it? Hell Yeah! Like all of the P90X workouts there is such variety during the 1 hour. Cardio X incorporates a bit of yoga, a bit of kenpo and a bit of plyometrics. It made me sweat big time, i love it when i feel like i have had a good workout.

I think this photo i took at the end of the workout says it all…


Time to hit the shower!

But just quickly… i have been a bit better with my food today, here are the highlights…

Breakfast: Overnight Oats in a Jar…. so yummy even the cat wants in on them!


Lunch: Ainsley Harriot leek and potato soup

Dinner: Homemade Cottage Pie (annabel Karmel recipe so Rowan can eat it too!), and veggies. I am eating my dinner off a smaller plate than usual, so ate less and was still full up after!

And finally, my pre-workout snack: Mushed banana and a tbsp of peanut butter

Hope you have all had a healthy, happy day too x


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