90 whole teeny tiny days… that’s all!

So what is 90 days in the grand scheme of things – huh?!!

Last week i started P90X, i managed 3 out of the 6 workouts… but i can give you a billion excuses why i didn’t complete my workouts… i have been making up excuses all my life on reasons not to workout, i could write a whole blog on excuses if i wanted to! I’m sick of excuses and last night i think and hope i had a turning point.

First i just need to rewind a little, this past weekend we went to my in laws to celebrate my sons 1st birthday with his side of the family, my mother in law is the hostest with the mostest all right…. she was worried that she hadn’t made enough food for the 27 people coming to the party, when in fact she had made enough food for 127! There was so much food, so what did i do, i kept eating it and eating it and eating it. I ate so much cheese i felt physically sick on the Saturday evening after the party.

Yesterday we had brunch in a lovely cafe right on Brixham Harbour, i had Eggs Benedict with bacon, all the cheese from the night before had left me with an appetite! We said our goodbyes and made our way home with a boot FULL of left overs from the party, which i declared i would not be eating!

Once at home, we put the boy to bed and sat down to relax for the evening… and what did i do? I ate 2 pieces of chocolate fridge cake, one chocolate muffin, one toffee muffin and finally one orange muffin! What the hell is wrong with me?!!!

So back to my little turning point last night… I was lying in bed and felt kind of panicky, i guess it was the amount of sugar in my system, i felt like i couldn’t catch my breathe and also had chronic indigestion… i felt absolutely awful and was angry that i got myself in that state.

So today i have got really focused on what i want to achieve… ultimately i want to be healthy, something i did not feel last night. I did the weekly shop, planned healthy meals for the week and have even cooked tomorrows dinner so i won’t start picking whilst dinner is cooking!

I am also going to follow P90X (properly this time) for 90 small life changing days, tonight was Chest & Back, i soon realised i do not have much muscles in these areas and also that i need to buy some heavier weights as my girly dumb bells just don’t cut it. I found the exercises really hard but know they will get easier over the next few months.

I just want a simple blog to document my 90 days, i will post stats and before photos soon too.

Need my beauty sleep, it’s Plyometrics tomorrow – yikes!!!


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