Getting to grips…

So this week i’ve spent most of my week with my head in this…

I basically have a list of free foods which include fruits, veggies, meat, fish, eggs, quorn etc… I have to fill myself up on as much as the free foods as i can.

My only problem is i love cheese and bread! But this is not so much of a problem as the lovely people at Slimming World offer healthy extras, i get an a) option which is a choice of either milk or cheese and a b) option which is a choice of bread, cereal or nuts – how nice!

Everything else that doesn’t fit into these 2 categories are a SYN (boo! Syns are bad!! Well if you eat more than 15 in a day they are!)

So here is what today looks like for me on Slimming World.

Breakfast: was a completely free meal, i had a mullerlight vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, with banana, Clementine and grape all mixed together. It was delicious and i shall be having this again… most likely tomorrow morning. I washed the lot down with a Twinnings Morning Detox tea.


Lunch/Dinner: I love the idea of a Sunday traditional roast but am still feeling a bit iffy about eating meat (however you will notice that i am back on the eggs and dairy). So today i made a kind-of-ish Sunday roast. I now use a smaller dinner plate as my previous one was huge and i had a tendency to overfill it, i sometimes think my dinner won’t fill me up when i dish up Ollie’s man size portion on said huge plate, but i always feel fine and full after. I roasted Ollie’s veg as normal in olive oil but i roasted mine seperately with spray oil as this is counted as free, with no syns! I had roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips & courgette, with peas and sweetcorn. Instead of meat i had a Tesco meat free mexican burger, it was quite spicy which i like but i plan to have a go at making my own version soon, as this set me back 5.5 syns and i know that i could make it a free meal if i made it myself.



I have also snacked on a Muller light toffee yogurt which was free – my a) choice [calcium] was skimmed milk, which i have had in my decaf tea/coffee today and my b) choice [fibre] has been 20 almonds, which i consumed whilst putting this post together!

It’s 9pm so i’m going to venture up to bed, i have got a few books out from the library so plan to start one of them tonight and I’ve also purchased a lovely page a day diary which i’ll show you all tomorrow – i want to write my first entry in it tonight. Night All x


It’s A SYN!!!!!

**Apologies for wordy post… I will write a proper post later this evening!**

Sorry for disappearing but i am hopefully back!! Last week i was having my detox week, so i excluded meat, wheat and dairy from my diet as much as i could… in my naivety i didn’t realise Quorn had egg in it duh! And i also had egg on my meal out in Dawlish last week. The rest of the week i followed a vegan diet.

The reason for the kick start? To kickstart my weightloss, did it work… nope i don’t think so! The other reason i wanted to elliminate some foods was because i was having some very painful tummy aches so i wanted to see if my diet was the cause… it just so happens that food wasn’t the cause, but i did get to the bottom of it (literally) on Sunday on what the problem was. Without going into too much detail, when i left my job after maternity leave it was because they had made it impossible for me to go back. I was going to take it further and have been speaking to solicitors, citizens advice etc and if i want to take it to tribunal i would have to represent myself. The deadline to do this is coming up and i think even though i have felt ok about it all my body has been trying to tell me something different. On Saturday night i had the most horrid IBS reaction, which continued all day Sunday. Sorry if tmi but i could not be more than a couple of steps from the toilet… this is when i knew enough was enough. I have decided to omit this stress from my life and just drop the whole issue. I know it will be at my loss and someone else may get treated the same but i just can’t put myself through a tribunal that could last 6-8 months.

After making this decision, i really have felt a weight lift off my shoulders and feel that i can concentrate on more important things, like my healthy eating and exercise.

My MIL was brilliant on Monday, she watched Rowan so i could remain in bed and recuperate, she also knows that i would like to join a slimming club but the pennies are a bit tight so she offered to pay my joining and 6 weeks for Slimming World!!! So last night i went to my first meeting, my head is swimming with how the plan works as i have only ever done weight watchers in the past. The plan seems a lot simpler than WW and the food looks more suitable for me to make for Rowan and Ollie to eat also… the proof will be in the pudding next week when i step on those scales!! I must remember a tablespoon of Peanut Butter is 4.5 Syns!!! (but i am allowed 5-15 syns a day)… Wish me luck!!!

Can you overdose on soup?

Because i have been slurping eating quite a bit over the last 2 days!

Breakfast has been the usual porridge with raisins and dried cranberries for the past 2 days – my new fave combo,

then yesterday i decided to make something with this…

Can you guess what it is yet???? You’ll see what it is later!

I’ve been snacking on my vegan sausage rolls, they are so delicious!

And wholenut PB spread on rice cakes,

So back to that strange thing in the saucepan earlier… it’s just frozen roasted butternut squash! I melted it down with vegetable stock, added a tsp of chilli and coconut milk, blended it all together to make the most wonderful tasting soup! i added toasted bread as croutons. In fact i made so much soup that i have had it for lunch today and also had a small bowl before dinner tonight!! Thankfully it has now all gone until next time!


For dinner tonight i made Quesadilla.

My tortilla were almost dry fried with only a couple sprays of sunflower oil, inside contains Quorn chicken pieces, onion, red/yellow peppers, salsa and hummus, on the side are homemade curly sweet potato fries.

I have also started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, i’ve dusted off my workout equipment once more!


The only problem i have is i am doing the 30 day shred from the videos posted on Youtube until my own DVD’s arrive, unfortunately they don’t play fast enough on my computer so i have been following off my phone! Magnifying glass anyone?


My DVD’s are set to arrive tomorrow from Amazon, i decided to buy the whole Jillian Michaels collection, she is going to kick my butt! She will be happy to know that for my dessert tonight i made myself an orange, pineapple and strawberry smoothie… it was sweet and delicious!

So keep this to yourselves, i’m going to have a square of this tonight – shhhh don’t tell Jillian!

Time for bed, i popped to the library yesterday and got a selection of books to read – nighty night!

Bubble & Squeak!


I started today with porridge again but opted for raisins and dried cranberries for flavour – think you’ll be seeing porridge on my blog quite a bit as i am finding it so filling which stops me from wanting to snack! I also had a decaf coffee made with almond milk, that’s why it looks so strong.

I needed all the energy i could get as we decided to meet with the in laws and go for a 5 mile walk between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. We were going to head up to Dartmoor but the weather was a bit miserable and foggy so thought the sea coast walk would be better. So on went our rain macs and off we walked!

We walked along the lower path first, it was like an episode of Total Wipeout as we had to time it right between the waves crashing in at certain spots or there was a good chance we were going to get a bit wet!


We then headed up to higher path which was a lot drier… but high… very high… and no barrier YIKES!

Not only was it a sheer drop into the sea but on our other side was a teeny tiny wall and then a busy railway line… health and safety people come on?!!!!

We made it to Dawlish Warren, it was drizzling but so good to be outside in the sea air.

After our walk, my father in law treated us to lunch as we had all walked up an appetite. We headed for the Smugglers Inn, we had all heard good reviews of the place but none of us had been.


Although the weather was still grey, look at the cracking view!


Ollie and the in-laws went for the carvery, as i am currently trying to avoid meat and dairy i was hoping that they would have something i could have on the main menu…. and they didn’t disappoint! They had some lovely vegetarian meal options, i went for the bubble and squeak, fried flat mushroom and grilled tomato… i was really naughty as i should have said no to the poached eggs… but i didn’t… and i ate them!! All washed down with a sparkling water.

A nice lady took a group photo of us all after the meal… look how worried Rowan looks!

DSCF0701 DSCF0699 

We got home, chilled out for a bit, i sorted out our car insurance renewal whilst the boys played like crazy things! I love hearing them playing and laughing together. Once we put Rowan in bed i was ready for another bite to eat, so went for a veggie burger (which contains egg – whoops) on a granary roll with Cheezly mozzarella, lettuce and ketchup and carrots with hummus.


Considering the cheese is not cheese and is vegan, i probably would not have noticed the difference! I tried a little bit out of the packet and thought the consistency was a bit yuck if i’m honest but melted on a burger, delicious! The veggie burgers were Morrison’s own make, they had a lovely taste and consistency, just as nice as the Quorn brand.


I also made some veggie… well vegan actually sausage rolls for Ollie’s lunch this week, of course i had to try one and they are soooooo good! I mixed up a box of this;

Granose Meat-Free Lincolnshire Sausage Mix 150g (2x75g)

Rolled it into 2 large sausages and wrapped it in this;

Light Puff Ready Rolled

I sliced the pastry in half long ways and made 16 sausage rolls. If you like tasty savoury snacks in your lunch box but don’t want all the fat, these would be ideal. Ollie was very impressed with my culinary skills! LOL!


It’s 12:15am, i need to get some shut eye… 30 day shred starts tomorrow!!! arghhhh!

Day One.

Today i made only good decisions when it came to food, today is day one of healthy, kind eating. What scared me the most was how much recently i have been eating things for the sake of eating, not thinking about what is in the food i am eating or the impact it may have on my body. Many times today i almost snacked on anything in front of me with out a second thought, i had to keep reminding myself that i have planned my meals and any snacks that are not on the plan or are non-vegan are not permitted for the next 7 days!

For breakfast i made porridge (2/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup oat bran) with almond milk (1 cup), water (1 cup), one small apple chopped up and cinnamon. It was all washed down with a hot water and lemon – so filling!

After breakfast Ollie, Rowan and I went to the local coffee shop the Boston Tea Party. I went for the medium roast Boston decaf latte made with soya milk… it was so nice and frothy, hardly much difference than normal milk!

After Boston Tea Party we walked home, quickly changed Rowan’s t-shirt as he managed to smudge his biscuit into it and then headed to our friends for dinner. When i was planning my meals for this week, i planned in this meal. Our friend Will is vegetarian so he was making nut roast, there was a chicken on the go but i opted just for the nut roast. Will has been vegetarian all his life so he can make some amazing vegetarian meals. This nut roast was amazing and i will be having a try of it asap!


In the nut roast mix was;

  • courgette
  • butternut squash
  • cashew nuts
  • sage
  • mushrooms
  • peppers
  • onions
  • Tarragon (i think)

I also had a roast carrots, potatoes (roasted in olive oil) and peas. Very nice indeed.

DSCF0680 DSCF0679

After dinner, the other dived into the cookies and cakes that Ollie and I bought off the market this morning, it was hard to resist! Instead i had a decaf espresso (i never really understood the point of decaf espressos, but i do now!) Our toddlers entertained us for the rest of the afternoon!


Chloe decided to take Rowan for a walk in his buggy round the kitchen to get him off to sleep!


We had a lovely day with our friends Will and Lucy, we always do and our little ones love to play (& sometimes fight) with each other.

We headed home, put Rowan to bed and i made my self a snack tea meal as was still pretty full from the meal. I went for carrots & celery with hummus and a rice cake with wholenut peanut butter on top.


I’m having some blog reading/writing time whilst Ollie watches The Godfather Part II (not my cup of tea)… talking of cup of teas though i have just had my first decaf cup made with Alpro almond milk…


And my verdict… surprisingly nice! The tea tastes a little stronger but i like strong tea so not an issue. I’m also snacking on almonds as i type (craving chocolate a little bit but blogging is distracting me!)


Another one of my purchases at the supermarket yesterday was this Vegan cheese;


I can’t wait to make a pizza later in the week with it. I hope it tastes nice, has anyone tried it before?

I’m off to read some blogs now, nighty night x

The Last Supper

I have eaten tons and tons over Christmas, my mom’s scales told me i am basically obese! WTF? So i am ready to make a start on my new years resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. I won’t go into numbers because basically i am utterly disgusted with how much i way, i may share my starting weight when i reach my goal weight. I would ideally like to lose 1.5-2 stone in weight – this is a realistic and sensible amount of weight for me to lose and i plan to do this by starting a bit of a detox to kickstart my weight loss. So last night i meal planned like i have never meal planned before!! I spent hours looking for recipes that would fit in with my detox week, so basically i am going vegan for one week as this will omit dairy, meat and a lot of other junk!

Who knew vegan’s eat such wonderful food – i love the idea of going vegan but i’m not sure i could cope with the restrictions, i have been reading some wonderful things though about health and this way of eating so i am happy to dip my toe in for a while.

After many hours, i produced a rather good meal plan for the week.

I went to supermarket and filled my trolley, with lots of fruit, veg and meat, dairy alternatives. I look forward to showing you some of my creations this week. I am not looking forward to my starting weigh in tomorrow and my ‘before’ photos – oh the dread!!!

My mother in law Ann looked after Rowan whilst i went shopping so i had lots of time to wander around the aisles.

Ann and I shared a Covent Garden Soup (Souper Greens), it was really nice and had a pesto taste.

Tonight is the last night i am going to eat crap, so Ollie and I had one final blow out…. a curry! We had popadoms and onion bhaji to start.


And for my main i had a vegetable korma and mushroom fried rice


It was lovely and disgusting at the same time… you will not be seeing any more food on my blog like this for a long time. Tomorrow is the day i am going to make a positive change, i have the power to do it, i know i have it in me.

Today i drove down the route i ran during my half marathons in 2009 and 2010 – i was actually amazed at how far i ran back then, it wasn’t easy at the time, it was a hard challenge but i did it because i wanted to succeed. I’m in a fortunate positioned as my 2 cousins and sister are also trying to lose weight so we are supporting each other, in fact one of my cousins has started her own blog… she is ace so please go check out her blog (Poppies in the Porch) and show her how supportive the blog world can be!  

On that note i am going to finish this post feeling bloated and with a positive quote to help me with this challenge to fight the bulge!

Christmas 2012 in pictures

We spent our Christmas this year at my in-laws in the lovely harbour town of Brixham, unfortunately our early xmas morning walk along the breakwater did not happen as it rained so hard – oh well gave me an excuse to stay in my new onesie! (i know, I know i look like a tellytubby!)


The beautiful Christmas tree;


Ollie’s aunt, uncle and cousins also joined us, they brought with them their tortoise Tonto as they were worried that he may get stuck on his back whilst they were away, he was a very nice addition to our xmas day!


You can’t have xmas day with out xmas jumpers, i made ours this year. It took me several hours sewing huge santa clauses on our jumpers and we forgot to get a photo together wearing them – huge fail! But you can kind of see them in these photos (also notice Rowan dressed as an xmas elf!);



The lovely set xmas table;


We had the most amazing xmas dinner, my husbands mom is an amazing cook, i had a bit of everything! Then it was games and chill out time with the family;






It was a wonderful xmas, especially watching our little Rowan enjoying it all. I must take more and better photos next year!